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Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Options from Tulsa Laser Dentist Glenda Payas

From digital x-rays to drill-free laser dentistry, Tulsa laser dentist Glenda Payas provides her patients with all of the latest advances in modern dentistry.  We make every effort to ensure that all of our patients' dental appointments are as painless and pleasant as possible, using state-of-the-art techniques that ease much of the stress and anxiety associated with traditional dentistry.

Laser Dentistry

Many people tend to put off dental appointments because of bad memories of painful dental drilling.  If you're one of these people, you'll be pleased to learn that Tulsa laser dentist Glenda Payas can perform many dental procedures without drilling, shots, or pain.  Using water droplets energized by narrowly targeted frequencies of laser light, the safe, effective laser dentistry system utilized at our luxurious Tulsa practice is so gentle that the need for anesthetic is usually reduced or eliminated entirely.  Advanced laser dentistry treatment is faster and less invasive than traditional drilling and eliminates the annoying noise, heat, and friction a drill can cause, while dramatically reducing bleeding, swelling, discomfort, and the bacteria associated with tooth decay.  Laser treatment conserves more of the natural, healthy tooth structure and prevents the microfracturing that can be caused by conventional drills.  Tulsa laser dentist Glenda Payas is highly trained and skilled at performing many common dental procedures with our in-office laser system, including preparing teeth for fillings or crowns, whitening, and gum recontouring.  Don't put up with painful dental problems due to drill anxiety any longer — make an appointment with Tulsa laser dentist Glenda Payas today and find out how comfortable modern dentistry can be.

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CEREC® Restorations

In the past, having a crown or other restoration placed meant making at least two dental appointments and putting up with a temporary crown while a far-off lab created a permanent one.  Now, with CEREC® technology, you can have a long-lasting, attractive porcelain crown, onlay, or veneer custom-crafted and placed in a single visit.  The CEREC® system uses 3-D CAD/CAM modeling technology to sculpt restorations with computer-guided precision from high-impact, tooth-colored ceramic which looks far more natural than metal crowns ever could.  Best of all, because CEREC® allows us to craft your restorations right in our office rather than send your information off to a distant lab, there's no need for you to take extra time out of your busy schedule.  We can create and place your restoration in a single visit, and you'll walk out of our office with a healthy-looking, durable crown, onlay, or veneer that will allow you to eat and speak normally.

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Digital X-Rays

As part of our ongoing commitment to advancing patient safety in our practice through the latest technology, we use digital x-rays, which reduce radiation exposure up to 90 percent over traditional x-ray machines.  Faster, safer, and more comfortable than traditional methods, digital x-ray radiography allows us to obtain far more detailed information almost instantly, using a small digital sensor with no film or chemicals.  Instead of squinting at a fuzzy piece of film, we can zoom, enlarge, and target potential dental problems with pinpoint accuracy, helping us to catch small dental problems before they become large ones.  We can also display your digital x-rays for you to see and discuss them with you, helping to make sure you are fully informed and in control of your own dental treatment.

To learn more about digital x-rays, CEREC® restorations, and laser dentistry, contact the Tulsa practice of laser dentist Glenda Payas today.

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